Why Zabuni?

  •  Direct Sales — Coffee owned by growers until purchased

  •  Verifiable Process — Interact directly with producers and build relationships

  • Cost Savings — Bypassing middlemen means lower prices

  • Enhanced Efficiency — Source from your location saving valuable time and money

  • Peace of Mind — Personally cup lots prior to purchase

  • Consistency — A variety of fine coffees always in stock

  • Discovery — Access new coops, estates, and origins

  • Transparency — Know exactly how much the farmer gets paid

  • Transact Domestically — U.S. warehouse and payment systems

  • Quality — All lots constantly cupped to meet standards

  • Sustainability — An ethical, responsible business model

What Makes Zabuni Different?

"Ethical sourcing" is the buzzword these days.  Everyone wants it or claims to be doing it.  But the fact of the matter is that for all the global efforts made to fix the 'coffee price crisis,' very little has been accomplished to bring real change to the specialty coffee industry.  Asking roasters -- and consumers -- to pay more for coffee doesn't help, as those price increases frequently get lost in an opaque and complex supply chain without ever reaching the growers.

As long as coffee is supplied and traded in the usual way, we will continue to see the usual results:  farmers in poverty who are uprooting their coffee in frustration over operating at or near losses year after year.  That is why Zabuni has worked hard to create an entirely new way of bringing specialty Kenyan coffee to the US market.

What We Do

Zabuni connects coffee farmers and roasters, helping you build direct trade relationships and ensuring ethical sourcing.  We are NOT a reseller or broker!  We economically empower farmers by shortening the value and supply chain thereby enabling farmers to receive significantly increased returns.

Our role is to facilitate the smooth transfer of coffees from seller to buyer safely and efficiently while upholding the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and accountability.

How Our Process Works

Farmers (individually or through their cooperatives) maintain ownership and control of their coffee, and set their own reserve and asking prices.  Zabuni works with them to help them get their coffee to our Nebraska facility, where we store it free of charge in our climate-controlled warehouse.  Once arrived, the coffee is offered both at auction to the highest bidder, and also via a "buy it now" option.  Farmers receive payment once their coffee is sold and the payments are processed.  They keep a minimum 80+% of the sale price, 2-3x what a typical Kenyan farmer receives!

Our auctions are digitally integrated, permitting real-time bidding from right within the room or across the world!  Bids can be placed on our website, a smartphone or tablet via our free Zabuni Apple and Android app.  Don't want to wait for an auction?  No problem, we offer a "buy now" option that lets you purchase coffee immediately!

 Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for details on ordering, bidding, shipping, and more, or sign up for our mailing list below to receive updates and special offers!