Advantages to Producers

  • Direct Sales – Connect with roasters/buyers looking for direct trade

  • Fair Pricing – Have a say in how much your coffee sells for -- Receive minimum 80% of sale price!

  • No Warehouse Fees

  • Efficient Sales – Sell directly to the US market and get paid immediately

  • Peace of Mind – Your coffee is safe and secure in our climate controlled warehouse

  • Consistency – Always have a ready sales platform

  • Variety – Appeal to a wider market and increase sales 

  • Better Branding – Promote and showcase your origin and community

  • Discovery – Access to new roasters, buyers, and opportunities

What Zabuni Does

Zabuni connects coffee farmers and roasters, helping them build direct trade relationships and ensuring ethical sourcing.  NOT a reseller or broker, Zabuni economically empowers coffee farmers by creating a new, sustainable way for buyers and sellers to connect and directly trade.  By simply enhancing value and supply chain efficiency, Zabuni enables significantly increased returns to farmers.

Our role is to facilitate the smooth transfer of coffees from seller to buyer safely and efficiently while upholding the highest ethical, transparent and accountable standards.

Method of Sale & Pricing

Zabuni sells coffee both by auction to the highest bidder and via a "buy it now" option.  Our integrated live and online auctions permit real-time bids from in the room (physically present) or across the world digitally through our free App (android and apple) via cell phone, tablet or desktop.


Sale prices fluctuate naturally with the market but generally align with the current average selling prices in the US, with a minimum 80%+ of that returning to the grower.  Note:  Selling prices are largely based on uniqueness and quality (cup score) rather than grade (screen size).

Selling via Zabuni

All coffee lots must be verified to meet SCA minimum standards for being designated as "specialty" -- cup score 80+, 0 primary defects, maximum 5 secondary defects -- and include complete profile information for the grower.  Also, coffee MUST be shipped in GrainPro or Ecotact bags.

Zabuni works with farmers and cooperatives on logistics to get coffee to our facility.  Growers are paid as soon as coffee is sold and payments processed.