Zabuni’s auction platform

“A coffee auction?" is the main response from those here in Nebraska when we tell them about Zabuni.

Auctions are pretty common for livestock and farm equipment, but a specialty coffee auction is something different from anything we know here in the Midwest. Prices for corn might not be what we want, but what our farmers face is nothing like the gross mistreatment experienced by coffee growers all over the world. Those farmers are underpaid, underrepresented, and typically unable to get their coffee to market without selling it to someone who will in turn resell. The process repeats 8+ times until your local coffee shop receives it.

Zabuni's auction platform is the only regularly scheduled specialty coffee auction in the world. We also strive to educate people about why, how, and who benefits from this unprecedented process. We are honored and humbled to have a platform to share about farmer struggles and very real solutions.

What questions do you have about Zabuni or the coffee industry?