Why use an auction process?

ZSCA is the first and only regularly scheduled specialty coffee auction in the world. It's the first price discovery mechanism that allows farmers to have end to end involvement in the supply and Trade of their own coffee. In Kenya, coffee has been traded and supplied the same way for the last 80+ years, since it was a British Colony, despite the advancements made in technology and the breaking down of trade barriers. This is not a coincidence; it is purposed that way to benefit a few at the expense of many.

At this time, most coffee is purchased by roasters through exporters/importers. It changes ownership numerous times, with a price increase at every turn, but that markup does not benefit the farmer.

Through Zabuni auction, roasters purchase coffee SPOT, directly from farmers. The farmer maintains ownership until purchase to ensure transparency, give opportunity to build relationships, and guarantee the farmer is paid the majority of the sale price. Currently through Zabuni 80%+ of the sale price returns to the farmer, more than doubling what many Kenyan coffee producers are currently receiving for their crop through other sales channels.

During our launch we had the privilege of hosting a family of coffee farmers. They couldn’t hide their joy, telling everyone, “this is what we have been praying and waiting for.” This is what enabling direct access to the market will do for them and other farmers in Kenya.

Simply put, we do it for the farmers and their communities because it’s the right thing to do.

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