Ethical sourcing

Ethical Sourcing is not just good for workers or your conscience, but also great for businesses. Millennial and Gen Z consumers are more willing than any past generations to pay extra for ethically and substantially sourced goods according to articles from global news wire, INC. com, business insider, and other media sources. This includes cruelty free beauty products, sustainable fashion, farming, and more farm to table lifestyles, with ethical sourcing and labor practices in all categories.

The coffee industry has always been about connection and relationships, but as recently as the past few years there has been an increasing pressure from buyers for more transparency and cooperative owned coffee vs. traditional importer methods of procuring coffee. Consumers want to KNOW where their coffee is coming from and that the farmers were paid not just "fairly" but paid what their crop deserves.

Coffee roasters and shops tune in now! According to a study from late 2019 consumers are willing to pay up to a $1.31 premium on a cup of specialty coffee if the beans were cooperative owned! That is HUGE. It’s also exactly what we at Zabuni offer. Every lot up for purchase and auction are farmer or cooperative owned- you purchase directly from farmers through our platform. You can tell your regular customers exactly how much money was paid to the farmers- we guarantee 80-85% of the sale price returns to the grower.

If you want your coffee business to flourish and to stay relevant purchase ethically and sustain-ably sourced coffee through Zabuni. Give your consumers a reason to stay loyal to your brand with coffee they feel good about drinking and sharing- loyal returning customers spend up to 67% more than irregular shoppers. Don't let your shop be the next blockbuster or kodak- choose to run with this movement to ethical and sustainable goods! It's helping more than just your bottom line as a business, and creating a positive impact half-a-world away is something worth celebrating!