Our Team

Driven by their faith, husband-and-wife team Laban and Cora Njuguna are passionate about pioneering transparent, market-based solutions to the challenges faced by coffee producers all over the world.  Laban truly has an entrepreneurial spirit. Even after spending half his life in America, his native Kenya is still near and dear to his heart. Cora, a former math teacher, grew up on a small corn farm in Nebraska. Together they have 4 children who spend many of their days helping Mommy and Daddy with “coffee work”

Jason Maina handles Zabuni’s day-to-day operations in Kenya, meeting face-to-face with growers, cooperative leaders, coffee industry professionals, and government entities to share Zabuni’s unique opportunity. As a former barista with a passion for ministry, you will often find him in coffee communities attracting and holding a crowd with his perfect grasp of the Kikuyu language, humorous anecdotes, and giving people encouragement and hope.

Michael Mungai is Zabuni’s coffee technical expert, drawing on his 40+ years of experience in different spheres of the coffee industry. He arguably has the most experienced coffee palate in all of East and Central Africa – “The Golden Palate,” we call it. Most current authorities on coffee in Kenya were trained by Michael or have in one way or another rubbed shoulders with him. His passion, however, has always been the betterment of the small-scale coffee farmer. Always easy to spot among coffee bushes in his characteristic suit and tie (even in a 100 degree weather!), we are truly honored to have him on the team.