How Our Process Works

At Zabuni, we do direct trade differently. Our mission is to provide a platform where farmers and roasters connect so that roasters gain consistent, efficient access to high-quality coffees, while farmers are empowered by acting as their own brand ambassadors and receive a better return.

Zabuni Specialty Coffee Auction facilitates the direct trade of wholesale green specialty coffees to roasters in the United States and Canada through integrated in-person and online auctions. We are the first regularly scheduled auction in the world to exclusively feature/offer “spot” (on-site, immediately-available) specialty coffees. Whether you need a single bag or multiple containers, our variety of top-quality lots have something for everyone!

Because we are an auction service rather than an importer/reseller, the coffees we offer are farmer-owned. No need for expensive, time-consuming sourcing trips – let the farmers bring their coffee to you! Receiving the coffees directly after processing rather than going through the traditional sales channels allows us to offer fresher coffees at a price that saves you money, while still returning a better profit to the growers/cooperatives.

Prior to the auction, all lots are verified, inspected, and cupped in our on-site cupping lab to ensure quality and authenticity and kept in our climate-controlled warehouse. Our central location assures that your purchases can be shipped to your door in 3-5 business days, saving you valuable time.

The open nature of our auction means parties can buy or sell with confidence because prices are negotiated exclusively between buyer and seller. Transparency is the first step toward accountability, and we enable both ends of the supply chain to have a clear view of the entire process so that we can bring real, verifiable, sustainable change to the supply and trade of coffee.