The Zabuni Difference

The open nature of our auction means parties can buy or sell with confidence because prices are negotiated exclusively between buyer and seller. Transparency is the first step toward accountability, and we enable both ends of the supply chain to have a clear view of the entire process so that we can bring real, verifiable, sustainable change to the supply and trade of coffee.

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Auction Notice

Our next auction will be on Tuesday, February 25. It will feature Kenyan AA, AB, and PB specialty coffee. All 25 distinct coffees have a minimum SCA cupping score of 84 and are offered "spot" at the Zabuni warehouse in Grand Island, Nebraska.

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I’m a producer.

Auctioning your coffees directly after processing rather than going through the traditional sales channels allows for a better profit to growers and cooperatives.

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I’m a roaster.

Zabuni Specialty Coffee Auction facilitates the direct trade of wholesale green specialty coffees to roasters in the United States and Canada through integrated in-person and online auctions.

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I’m a consumer.

We love coffee drinkers, but do you know where the coffee beans came from? Do you know whether they were ethically sourced? If so, how do you know?

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